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Welcome to the BD Coaching Hub.

We connect individuals with coaches who specialise in business development and client relationship management.

With our coaching support you will master the tools to boost your performance, increase your confidence and maximise your work winning opportunities.

The result?

You will build stronger relationships with clients and win more work!


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Giving a Presentation


Investing in your personal development, coaching is the natural next step to training


Research suggests that very often 80% of sales training is lost within 180 days… time to secure that investment with coaching...the natural next step.


Many professionals and technical people in client facing roles find the people side of selling challenging. This is natural, after all they are experts in what they do.  But this can lead to unnecessary stress or anxiety when placed in real ‘selling’ situations. Coaching is the key to breaking down these barriers, to help people feel comfortable with the idea of selling and giving the tools and confidence they need to become work winners.


As well as unlocking selling potential these are skills that also hold true for many aspects of work life and will prove valuable assets in everyday life too.

It is not about being a 'sales person'

  just be you, but be a coached you! 

It is not unusual to find 'selling' challenging.

Here are just some of the areas BD Coaching can help you develop


  • Marketing & branding

  • Networking

  • Business development planning

  • Getting in front of the client

  • Selling skills

  • Bids and proposals

  • Presenting & pitching

  • Personal presence

  • Negotiating

  • Managing client relationships

  • Cross selling

  • Building confidence

  • Personal brand

  • The warmth/competence balance

What are your goals and objectives? 

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Unlock new opportunities and start your work winning ways with BD Coaching 

Portrait of an Attractive Senior Woman

In the four months since my coaching sessions, I have continued to implement the changes and I have experienced a big improvement. Strongly recommended.

My coach brings clarity of thought and business focus with a real empathy and understanding.


Coaching has helped me to think through how I could be ready for leadership, to crystallise my strategic thinking and approach to managing people.