At BD Coaching Hub we are committed to finding the right coach for you.

By understanding your current situation and professional objectives we can connect you with an expert coach who will best meet your needs.

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Schedule a Discovery Call so that we can understand you and your goals further and match you with your ideal coach.

Research tells us that a minimum of four sessions is required to maximise the impact of coaching.

We also know that the working relationship between client and coach needs to be right, which is why we offer a free 20 minute ‘chemistry session’ with your recommended coach.

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Personal chemistry

Having a good rapport with your coach is vital. This is why we offer you a 20 minute (free of charge) initial meeting to assess the chemistry between you and your coach.


Once you have reflected on this initial conversation, simply tell us whether you would like to go ahead and book or if you would like to speak to a different member of our coaching team.


We have two rates - Corporate and Individual

Corporate Rate (where the client’s company is paying)

  • Single session - £325 plus VAT

  • Package of four sessions - £1150 plus VAT

Individual Rate (where the client is paying directly)

  • Single session - £275 plus VAT

  • Package of four sessions - £995 plus VAT

Session packages

Experience and research tells us that coaching works best when there are several sessions. We recommend a minimum of four. Broadly speaking, this is why:

Session 1

Getting to know each other, unearthing your strengths and clarifying your goals

Session 2

Digging deeper, what really drives you, building on your skillset

Session 3

Exploring options, removing barriers, releasing your potential

Session 4

Pulling together the strands, reaching conclusions, agreeing the way towards peak performance

Session length

Screen time is tiring! Studies have shown that we use more cognitive functions during online meetings than when we are ‘in the room’. We also know that many people have meetings bumped up against each other throughout the day and most of those are for an hour.

This is why our coaching sessions are 50 minutes long, giving you 10 minutes to reflect on the session, consider objectives for the next session and be 100% ready to focus on your next meeting.